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For many of you, decorating a home can seem like a daunting task…but fear not. Mike English, owner of Ross Furniture, explains it in a way that makes perfect sense and, if after reading this blog you still need some guidance, the professionals at Ross Furniture are eager and willing to help…just give them a call!

Picture your house completely empty….no furniture, no decorations, just a blank slate. You must have a starting point. Your first step: create a focal point in a very visible place on the wall. This can be a painting, picture, or anything you love dearly that can be placed on a wall. Mike, however, recommends something portable that is easy to carry into a store. This painting will provide the color palette for the entire house….here’s how.

In these photographs, Mike demonstrates how one painting can provide an entire color palette with paint chips. You start by identifying these colors and thinking about how to incorporate them first into the trim, ceiling and wall colors. The trim will stay consistent throughout the home, then the color palette can be expanded to provide different colors for the walls in different rooms.

Your typical house will have white trim and a white ceiling, but this is NOT what you want. Instead, the ceiling and trim should create a contrast, even if it is subtle. An important tip to keep in mind: lighting must be taken into consideration throughout this entire process. For example: the bigger the space, where there is more paint in an area, the lighter/brighter that paint color will look. Therefore, choosing trim, ceiling and wall colors that have enough contrast in both bright and dim lighting is essential in creating the WOW Factor.

Stay tuned for more tips from Ross Furniture on achieving The WOW Factor in your home.