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After you have chosen the colors for your ceiling, trim and walls, the next step in home interior decorating is to arrange seating within the space.  Ask yourself these questions: How do you entertain?  How many people will you need to accommodate?  What age group will you be entertaining?  Is this a formal sitting area or will the television be located in this room?  Though these questions may seem irrelevant at first, they play a large part in choosing seating pieces and interior design.

Steps for decorating a room:

  1. Decide number of seats needed
  2. Consider age of guests as a factor
  3. Think about traffic flow and focal point of the room
  4. Select a rug
  5. Place main pieces in the room
  6. Purchase tables

First, decide on the number of seats you will need in the room.  Will you host group meetings like book club or bible studies?  If so, more individual chairs will be required, as opposed to cushiony sofas for lounging.  Next, think about how age can be a factor.  Will the room be a place for entertaining children or the elderly, who need help standing and therefore require chairs with arms.  Then, when deciding the arrangement of furniture pieces, one should take the traffic flow and focal point of the room into account.  The focal point of the room should be either the television or the fireplace.  However, if there is a fireplace, it should be the focal point because it cannot be moved.  Furniture should be arranged to view the focal point and allow traffic to flow smoothly through the room and when entering or exiting it.  When arranging the layout of a room, always remember that when you walk in the front door, the first thing you should see is the sofa, with the impact of its colors, pillows, shape.  Though important, this is not always possible.  After arranging furniture, depending on the floors, you will want to select a rug.  The rug size needed is determined by looking at how to anchor “floating” pieces.  As long as the pieces are touching the rug, they are anchored.  Lastly, you will want to purchase tables.  However, make sure to place upholstered main pieces in the room before purchasing tables.  The layout of these pieces affects what shape the tables should be.  For instance, when angling furniture, round tables should always be used.

These are very general tips to help you get started planning for home decorating.  If you are shopping in the Jackson, MS area and need advice, the knowledgeable and friendly family at Ross Furniture offers assistance with interior design and home decorating.  Stay tuned for more home interior decorating tips from the experts!